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Website Design & Development

Outsource Website Design and Web Designing Services to AAA INFOTECH

AAA INFOTECH has a depth of expertise in developing innovative websites by utilizing the latest web technologies and Web 2.0 tools. Whatever be your web design requirements, we can create solutions to meet them at a higher ROI. Our team of web engineers have a track-record of working on all major technologies like Java, .NET, ASP, JSP, HTML, XML, DHTML, CSS, Flash, Client-Server platforms, Linux and Windows environments, backend database, open source tools, and much more. We help global clients in developing feature-rich websites cost-effectively and within tight deadlines

web design

AAA INFOTECH provides a wide range of online data entry services such as the following:

• End-to-end web design solutions for simple to complex websites
• No project is too big or too small for us
• Latest and innovative features
• Website interface design
• Total quality
• Experienced web designers
• Website maintenance and enhancement services
• Outsourcing website designing services to AAA INFOTECH

Web Portal Development Solutions from AAA INFOTECH

AAA INFOTECH offers skilled web portal development solutions to organizations enabling them to use the immense potential of the internet for their business growth. AAA INFOTECH offers portal design, development and portal maintenance services that result in the creation of feature-rich web portals and industry specific vertical portals or vortals. Outsource your web portal software needs to AAA INFOTECH and be assured of quality portals that achieve a mix of design and engaging content with a high inflow of traffic on the web. AAA INFOTECH has planned, designed and developed high quality web portals and industry specific vortals that stand apart in the crowded sphere of the internet by virtue of being current, feature-rich, scalable and easy to maintain. Internal features such as navigation architecture, platform and scalability of the portal are just as important as external features that add value to the user experience such as the look and feel of the site, relevance of information, credit card processing and online purchasing possibilities.

Outsourcing Recruitment Management Software to AAA INFOTECH

An efficient recruitment software can transform the way your organization works. If your organization is providing HR/ recruitment solutions and you are looking for a proficient job recruitment software, then you have come to the right place. At AAA INFOTECH, we have years of experience in developing HR recruitment software. Our experienced software team has developed recruitment software for job placement agencies, recruitment agencies, staffing providers, HR consultants, job portals, online career portals, recruitment consultants and staffing agencies amongst others.

Our recruitment management software can bring about an increase in your productivity and can efficiently address your operational needs. We have intensive experience in building recruitment solutions that can handle both your simple/complex back office demands. Outsource job recruitment software to AAA INFOTECH to seamlessly handle your back office and business operations.

web design

Why outsource recruitment management software development to AAA INFOTECH?

We develop job recruitment software that can handle all your business functions. Our HR recruitment software is flexible, highly advanced and well-designed. By using AAA INFOTECH's recruitment management software, you can manage jobs, organize interviews, track candidates, address offers and manage requisitions. We build recruitment software, with different features for job seekers, recruiters, administrators and employers. Depending on your requirements, we can build an HR software that can address your business requirements and make your data collection easier. Our software team is skilled at using different server side programming, scripting languages, database environments and databases. Outsource job recruitment software to AAA INFOTECH and efficiently handle your hiring process from beginning to end.

What are the features of a HR recruitment software?

• Administrators
• Candidates
• Recruiters
• Employers

Outsourcing Holiday Website Development to AAA INFOTECH

The travel industry has opened up to a vast number of people in the last several years because of the internet. However the internet has also made the industry vastly competitive with margins wearing down and too many players in the market. There is increasing pressure on players in the travel business to improve margins and retain business.AAA INFOTECH recognizes this trend and has been helpful in building travel portals and vacation websites that serve as a virtual one-stop-shop for users planning a vacation.

Tools and Platforms

• .NET
• Linux
• My SQL
• ColdFusion
• Oracle (under Linux)
• Java
• Java script