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Web Applications

Web Application and Software Development Services from AAA INFOTECH

Outsourcing software development to India used to generally involve outsourcing the coding of a project. Perceived as non core and requiring relatively lower skills, this sort of work was the staple requirement of companies outsourcing software development to India. However, as India's reputation as an attractive IT outsourcing destination has been established, so has its reputation for quality and creativity. Global customers have become more comfortable with outsourcing to India and Indian software companies have gained expertise and expanded their range of services to offer much more than just coding. From managing certain parts of your software development to creating unique custom made solutions from the ground up, Indian developers have the expertise and talent to handle your software development needs. AAA INFOTECH's IT outsourcing center offers world-class software development services for e-business, embedded, web and wireless applications.


We are proficient in these areas of IT outsourcing technologies:

  • Java / J2EE technology, Application Servers (WebLogic, JBoss, Websphere, etc.)
  • Microsoft .NET technology (IIS, .NET, ASP.NET, C#, VB, etc. )
  • Open architecture technologies: XML
  • Embedded / mobile solutions (J2ME, WinCE, eVB, eVC++, PocketPC, WAP / WML, etc.)
  • Graphics / Web Design
  • Databases from different vendors (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)

Outsourcing Workflow Software to AAA INFOTECH

Organizations today have to deal with large amounts of paperwork on a daily basis. With large volumes of work, absence of a single location to store information, employees find it increasingly difficult to access the required files on time. If your organization is facing a similar situation, consider outsourcing workflow software to AAA INFOTECH. Our workflow automation software can help you effectively execute, track and archive your business processes and make them easily accessible to your employees. AAA INFOTECH's workflow application services can bring about an increase in your organization's productivity and efficiency. The following are a list of advantages of using AAA INFOTECH's workflow solutions.

Advantages of using AAA INFOTECH's workflow automation software

• Documented Information
• No Loss of Data
• Easy Scheduling
• Progress can be easily tracked
• Easily deal with large volumes of paper
• Easily retrieve files
• Clear and documented business rules

Outsourcing Enterprise Mobility Solutions to AAA INFOTECH

AAA INFOTECH, a pioneer in outsourcing has been providing technology-driven services to a large number of global customers. At AAA INFOTECH, we have experience in providing high-quality enterprise mobility solutions. Outsource to AAA INFOTECH for professional enterprise mobile solutions. Latest mobile devices such as, personal digital assistants (PDA), handheld PCs and smart phones amongst others play an important role in the way businesses are carried out. At AAA INFOTECH, we can enable your customers to easily access service application from their mobile devices. Apart from your customer, even your sales professionals can easily access significant customer information on the move. Enterprise mobile solutions can help your organization make deliveries from anywhere, easily access important data at anytime and increase the productivity of your employees.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions at AAA INFOTECH

• Enabling Enterprise Intranet
• Creating mobile data synchronization
• Developing Mobile Technology Migration
• Managing Mobile Devices
• Developing Mobile Applications
• Formulating Mobile Strategies
• Designing Mobile Infrastructure

Our Web Application Development Team

  • User Interface Designers: Our user interface team creates the interface elements of the project – HTML interfaces, graphics and flash elements. The UI designers are also responsible for ensuring the usability of the solution. They have 2 to 5 years of experience in UI development.
  • Software developers: Our development team comprises of Software Engineers with 2 to 6 years of experience. This team forms an integral part of the entire project effort. They specify, create, modify, maintain and test significant software components that are part of the larger project. They are responsible for the code, functional validity and quality of subcomponents. They ensure adherence to design and code to defined standards and processes. They also document technical aspects & changes to code.
  • Project Managers: Our experienced and outstanding Project Managers play a key role in the successful development and implementation of projects. They lead and perform comprehensive process, planning and execution tasks within appropriate schedules, tasks, and quality guidelines. They work towards improving the profitability of projects, and provide delivery management for the project. Our Project managers serve as the single contact point for projects in execution and take responsibility for customer expectation management, resource allocation, technical documentation, configuration management, review of test cases from quality engineers and ensure cross-project architectural consistency/adherence to standards.
  • Testers: Our Quality Engineers ensure high quality at every stage of the project. They define the testing strategy, plan and process for the projects in consultation with the Quality Control Lead. They verify and validate the project to meet requirements, report & analyze the results of such verification and validation and use manual & automated techniques for performing the tests keeping with the quality standards and guidelines. The testers have an average experience of 2 to 5 years in software development and testing.