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Telephonic Survey

Almost everyone has heard of, and most people have been a part of a telephone survey. This is a form of collecting information by interviewing people over the phone.

There are many different types of telephone based surveys, which include:


• Lead generation
• Public opinion survey
• Awareness, customer satisfaction survey, polling
• Mystery shopping
• Market research

Quite often when a telephone survey is being conducted one of the main problems that interviewers run into is a quick "No" from respondents because they think they are trying to be sold something. To prevent this from happening it is extremely important to make it clear to the respondent that you are not selling anything early in the conversation.

Advantages of telephone surveys for market research

• Large scale accessibility - 96% of Americans have a telephone in their household. Although Internet usage is growing, one cannot argue with the superiority of coverage via telephone. This is especially true when trying to reach minorities and lower income consumers.
• Rapid Data Collection
• Quality Control - When interviewers are trained properly, they can elicit complete responses from respondents and gauge how a respondent truly feels about a certain subject matter. When recorded, the analyst has access to a respondent's inflection when asked about new concepts or when discussing controversial issues. This valuable type of information is lost when conducting online market research or mail-out surveys.
• Anonymity - In some situations the client and/or the respondent would like their opinions to be confidential. When conducting a telephone survey through a third party source, an interviewer can assure a respondent that their responses will not be associated with their name, thus yielding a more accurate picture of the topic at hand.
• Flexibility - When exploring a new product concept or complex issue, and interviewer can answer confusing facts about the product information. The interviewer can provide clarification about a question when needed thereby obtaining a more accurate opinion about the product or concept as well as getting the respondent to elaborate more fully when probed.

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About Our Survey Company

Company Principles

AAA INFOTECH adopts the following principles and commitments to its customers:

• We will never misrepresent our capabilities or expertise.
• We will never promise delivery times that we cannot achieve.
• We will never be satisfied with less than the highest quality work.
• We will never stop listening to our customers.

Full-Service Survey Company

AAA INFOTECH leadership team has many years of combined experience in the market research and survey industry. We offer a broad array of experienced survey services in such areas as consumer market research, b2b market research, business customer satisfaction surveys, industry market research, company surveys, patient surveys, alumni surveys, and job satisfaction measurement. Overall, 75% of Amplitude's survey business is for direct clients, while 25% is for other survey companies, research departments, consulting organizations, and advertising agencies.

Experienced Professional Services

Our survey company offers a menu of services including study design, questionnaire writing, survey administration, online research, mail surveys, telephone surveys, statistical consulting, and comprehensive report writing. We are one of the leading survey companies for full-service projects, offering exceptional expertise and highly competitive pricing so that our clients can maximum their return on research investments.

High Quality Survey Panels

AAA INFOTECH survey panel has provided companies with high quality online sample of general consumers, small business owners, business executives, IT professionals, and over 100 different targeted selects. Full-service projects include discounted hosting fees.

Expert Survey Design and Reporting Services

AAA INFOTECH Research is expert in all phases of questionnaire design, survey data analysis, and report writing, and tailors its services to each client's needs and budget.

In-House Software Development

AAA INFOTECH Research is one of the few full-service online survey companies with its own IT development staff. This allows us to offer highly competitive pricing for our reporting and hosting services, including custom survey solutions.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about why we are one of the top market research firms or to obtain additional information about our mail and online survey companies.