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Outbound call center

In a biting cold economy like today’s you got to find out efficient ways to be braced against difficult times. Cost becomes the most important concern and quality is something you would not want to compromise on. This is when the relevance of call center outsourcing is at its peak. Deploy your outbound call center services to an offshore centre and see your profits grow. At AAA INFOTECH, we serve our customers with top-notch outbound call center services and our proficiency has earned our global clientele. We follow a proven result oriented process with guaranteed value for money. And it’s not just about money – our outbound BPO services have functioned as extensions of our customer companies and produced remarkable results.

Our outbound sales call center professionals also have expertise in the following:


• Product sales
• Order taking
• Customer support
• Sales lead generation
• Customer satisfaction surveys
• Sales support
• Order fulfillment
• Conference & registration
• 3rd party verification
• Product launches

Your benefits in outsourcing outbound BPO services

  • You can save a huge 60% on operating costs, making a huge difference to your budget
  • You get a dedicated team of outbound call center agents who work on a 24x7x365 basis
  • All calls are monitored and recorded for your references
  • The quality of the calls are ensured by our managers and you can review the same on a real-time basis
  • Rigorous trainings are organized to make sure that our outbound employees are well versed in meeting your goals
  • High quality infrastructure at AAA INFOTECH makes sure that the probability of system breakdowns are nearly zero

Telemarketing services

Offshore Telemarketing Services to AAA INFOTECH

Offshore outbound telemarketing services is one of the key services offered in AAA INFOTECH Center through its highly sophisticated call centers. AAA INFOTECH telemarketing services can help you in building leads, customer databases and also help you in finding new customers. When global companies outsource telemarketing to AAA INFOTECH, they benefit from significantly lower costs, proven process quality and access to a trained, computer-literate, college-educated workforce with good presentation and communication skills.

Lead generation services

Outsource Lead Generation Services to AAA INFOTECH

Identifying, nurturing, managing and converting leads into sales require a lot of time and effort. For effective lead generation, you would require the skills of lead generation experts who have expertise in nurturing meaningful relationships with qualified leads and building valid results. If sales lead generation services are not a part of your core business, consider outsourcing offshore lead generation services to an expert like (AAA INFOTECH). AAA INFOTECH is one of the leading providers of offshore lead generation services. AAA INFOTECH has vast experience in providing global customers with efficient lead generation services. Our expertise can help your organization to create more valuable leads and convert them into viable sales opportunities. Based on your lead generation requirements we can provide you with a customized solution that would address your needs.

Appointment setting services

Outsource Appointment Setting Services to AAA INFOTECH

The most effective form of communication is the one held in person. There is nothing more powerful and effective than a face-to-face meeting to close an important sales deal with a prospective customer. However, time is a crucial factor for a sales executive and the sales executives of your organization cannot meet all your prospective customers. If your company is facing a similar situation, consider investing in offshore appointment setting services. Effective appointment scheduling can ensure that your sales executives gets to meet only the best out of the entire lot of prospective customers. Outsource appointment setting services to AAA INFOTECH to get in front of your prospects and gain their undivided attention. We can make certain that the appointments we set are completely qualified opportunities, before reserving your valuable time from your busy schedules. If a prospect is not yet sales-ready we will continue to cultivate it until an appointment is suitable.

Database services

Outsource Database Services to AAA INFOTECH

Outsourcing database services can enable your organization to get access to a streamlined analysis of the opportunities available for selling your products/services within the database of your existing customers. Additionally, outsourcing database management services can also help you to restore inactive customers into purchasing buyers. Outsourcing online database services to an expert like AAA INFOTECH can give you access to all this and more. AAA INFOTECH is one of the world’s leading provider of database updation services and has years of experience in providing database development services to a large number of global customers.

Market intelligence services (Survey)

Outsource Market Intelligence Services to AAA INFOTECH

AAA INFOTECH is one of the world’s leading providers of market intelligence services. If market intelligence services are not part of your core competency why not consider outsourcing your services to an expert like AAA INFOTECH. The market intelligence solutions provided by AAA INFOTECH can help your organization to build and maintain profitable customer relationships.

Direct mail follow-up services

Outsource Direct Mail Follow-Up Services to AAA INFOTECH

Convincing potential customers to buy your products/services can ensure in increased sales. A direct mail or email follow-up can ensure that your prospective customers are regularly reminded about your products/services. This will remind your customers to buy the services/products that you offer. If client follow-up is not part of your core competency, consider outsourcing email management services to an expert like AAA INFOTECH. AAA INFOTECH is one of the leading providers of email marketing management solutions. Several global customers have availed of our customer follow up services and increased their sales. With our years of experience in the field of customer follow up, we can approach your potential customers with regular direct mails and convert them into loyal customers who will buy only your products/services. Choose us as your offshore customer follow up services partner and give your business a competitive edge.