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Inbound call center

In today’s challenging economic environment, businesses are looking at ways to reduce costs without compromising on quality. One way to do this is by outsourcing non-core functions like inbound call center services to skilled vendors like AAA INFOTECH. AAA INFOTECH has extensive experience of working with diverse customers, which helps us develop solutions that fit your exact needs.

We can also provide both up-selling and cross selling services to help you increase your sales. Some of our other services include order taking services, claims processing services, and product information request services.

Why outsource answering services?


Outsourcing call answering services to an experienced 800 phone answering provider can help you streamline your business processes so that you can use your resources more productively Benefit from huge cost and time savings by outsourcing toll free answering services Once you outsource your mundane, yet important 800 answering services to an outsourcing provider you can concentrate on taking up new initiatives that can enhance your bottom line.

  • AAA INFOTECH offers automatic 800 phone answering services with the help of interactive voice response software.
  • The IVR programmers at AAA INFOTECH are well trained to provide you with complete answering services in a fast and economical manner .
  • The talented and skilled staff at Indian center can develop customized call answering service applications that can interact with your web services as well as your external databases.

Phone answering services?

In this fast moving world, you could lose a good amount of business if you do not answer your phone calls in proper time. Your customers expect you to answer their calls immediately even if it is by an answering machine. You cannot force your customers to give you business only during your working hours. This way you might just lose your potential customers. This is where engaging the business answering services of an expert like AAA INFOTECH can come to your aid.

Outsourcing call answering services to us can help you to cater to your customers even beyond your working hours without having to keep your office open. At AAA INFOTECH, we have live answering service operators who are trained to handle your calls as if they were working for you from your premises. Your customers will not be able to know the difference and your organization will not lose another important call. By investing in expert answering services outsourcing, you will soon see your bottom-line increasing. The cost that you would have to incur will not be even half of the increase in revenue that you will experience.

Why use 24 hour answering services?


• Round-the-clock services – we can provide your organization with after-hours phone service on a 24/7 basis. We can handle order entries, inbound call center services, virtual secretary services and similar such services. You can choose to forward your call to us either after your working hours or on a need basis like when your line is busy with another call.
• Cost effective services – The answering services of AAA INFOTECH are very reasonably priced. The benefits that we offer our phone answering customers far outweigh the cost involved.
• Experienced Resources – The call answering operators at AAA INFOTECH are screened and trained exhaustively to ensure that out customers’ valuable calls are answered proficiently.
• Latest technology - AAA INFOTECH INDIAN centers use state-of-the-art technology and equipments to effectively meet the phone answering requirements of our customers. The answering service is equipped with emergency backup systems that ensure that there will not be any loss of work even in cases of severe power outages.
• Customized live answering services – AAA INFOTECH customizes its phone answering services to meet the unique needs of different customers. After thoroughly understanding your requirements we will devise a solution that best suits your needs.

Up selling - cross selling

AAA INFOTECH Your ideal up-selling and cross-selling services partner

At AAA INFOTECH, our call centre executives will track the buying patterns of your customers and then devise a strategy to effectively up-sell and cross-sell your services to your customers. Our team is specifically trained to up-sell and cross-sell products/services that would actually meet the needs of your customers and make them happy. The up-selling and cross-selling professionals at AAA INFOTECH are provided access to fully automated call desks having multi-line dialing and as less as 350-400 milliseconds latency with leased fiber optic circuits. When you choose AAA INFOTECH as your up-selling and cross-selling partner you can be sure of professional services.

  • Dedicated and skilled workforce – AAA INFOTECH has a team of well trained and dedicated professionals who are adept at cross-selling and up-selling
  • State-of-the-art technology - AAA INFOTECH has the most updated technology and infrastructure. We also have a solid back-up support to tide through emergencies
  • Stringent audit measures – We follow strict audit standards. We also make sure that our customer support executives adhere to the call centre metrics that we follow
    • Claims Processing Services

      Benefits of outsourcing claim processing services to AAA INFOTECH

      The expert claims processing call center services team at AAA INFOTECH can process claims in a much faster, accurate and cost-effective way. There are a number of benefits that you can derive by claim processing BPO outsourcing to us, including 24X7services. A few benefits are mentioned below:

      • Faster turnaround time: Irrespective of the claim volume, the expert claims processing team at AAA INFOTECH can process claims within a fast turnaround time. The time limit that our claims processing call center executive take ranges from 12 to 24 hours
      • Accuracy: At AAA INFOTECH, our high level of accuracy is something that we vouch for
      • Web-based reports: When you outsource claims processing services to us, we can provide you with real–time web-based work in process reports
      • Support facility: AAA INFOTECH has strong programming support and well trained data engineers
      • Quality: Our claims processing executives follow stringent quality assurance processes to ensure quality at every step of the process

      Order Taking Services

      Benefits of investing in order taking contact center services

      There are many benefits of investing in phone order taking services but few prominent ones are as follows:

      • Order taking answering service enables you to reach to a larger section of the audience within a short span of time
      • Phone order taking helps to satisfy the immediate requests of the customer to know more about the product after coming across advertisements related to the product
      • Live order taking service brings enormous clarity in the mind of a customer after speaking to a live voice and getting all the issues clarified
      • Order taking call center services has an advantage over automated order systems as it adds a personal touch which helps in building the trust of your customers
      • Online order taking helps you to improve your profit considerably
      • Business order taking service retains an existing customer and helps you to gain more customers as well.