What You Spendvs What You Save
reduced cost

Transportation costs have become a bullish line item in virtually every corporate budget. Fuel costs have hit an all-time high and companies' shipping needs are only becoming more complex. No wonder carriers are raising rates and transportation costs are rising. But the truth is, many companies simply lose control over transportation costs as shipping demands grow more complex.

Costly transportation spend management mistakes

  • You spend 4500$ to 5000$ Salary on each logistics employee
  • 1000$ to 1500$ on Department expense for phone line, internet, electricity & miscellaneous costs
  • You spend Over time wages on each employee.
  • You spend an average of 15 to 20% extra on freight cost
  • You pay tricky charges to carriers like extra Lumper, route change charge, storage, appointment fee, Detention charges, class charges etc.

  • One head cost monthly 1500$ flat & work full shift 5 days a week. Handles 60 FTL/LTL each
  • We bear all those expenses at our end
  • No over time cost with us
  • Thousands of $ are saved by us in freight cost, as we negotiate on each order
  • With our experience, we know how to deal & negotiate and get rid of all such tricky charges from carriers
  • Salary saved
  • Over time wages saved
  • Less office Expense
  • Faster Delivery
  • Bigger Carrier Base
  • Freight cost Negotiation
  • East Coast to coast Shift