Most Modern Logistics Concept
When it comes to supply chain solutions, shipping or logistics, AAA Infotech is more than a logistics help desk. Whenever we hear this word Freight services, the only things come up in mind is a trucking company, Freight Company or a 3rd party Broker. But here we have better explaination... This is what you need, this is where you end up spending fortunes, but we save for you. Let's Keep it Simple & Straight.

We offer a service called as Freight Helpdesk, which means your own Logistics Department but at our location operates under your name, just like any another customer service. But this is not just helpdesk this service gets you all you miss today.

Most small, medium or large sized businesses find it difficult to compete with very large, multi- billion dollar corporations without finding some sort of a niche. Our service specializes in helping these businesses maximize savings from their logistical resources and operations, so they can continue to win. Our comprehensive virtual logistics desk service, responsive communication, attention to detail, and high regard for lasting relationships can save your company thousands of dollars.

We can handle everything from handling pick up to delivery, invoicing and payables, freight bill auditing, carrier performance monitoring, dispatching, claim management, attending phone calls, emails for logistics department.

Our agents will act as your company's logistics department:

reduced cost 

We will handle all:

  • Procurement - carrier rate negotiations and selection on your behalf on each order
  • Planning - strategic network assessment and optimization
  • Execution - day-to-day movement of freight, including shipment tender, service        monitoring, exception resolution and performance management
  • Administration - invoicing, reporting, claims management, freight bill audit and    payment.

Our Information Technology (optional):

  • Shipping ERP
  • Web-Based Visibility to all orders
  • Online and Customized Reporting
  • System Integration Through EDI/XML/FTP

If defined simply, Crux is you let us know your orders to be shipped and we have our target rates to follow and perform end to end operation, from pick up till delivery, in tag with quality & good service level.

Put us to Work
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We hold good experience in Logistics & supply chain handling, please feel free to discuss the services with us.
  • 60% Employee Salary Saved
  • No Over Time Wages
  • Less Freight Cost
  • Pick Up To Delivery