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10 Smart Tips to Transform Your Contact Center into a Sales Center of Excellence
There is a rising need across businesses to convert the regular order-taking contact center to revenue-generating profit centers within the next few years. The customer contact center is thus, evolving from being a plain vanilla customer service center to the more advanced, more valuable revenue generating center. The service call, which is the lifeline of the customer contact center, provides immense potential to initiate a sales cycle. Companies are, therefore, making efforts to leverage this channel to provide a next level lift in revenue generation.

What is Outsourcing? It’s Our Past, Present and Future
Outsourcing is not a new or alien phenomenon. Almost every organization outsources some aspect of its business. A paint company may outsource the manufacture of its paint cans; a mobile network may outsource its billing activity; a hospitality chain may outsource medical waste disposal; an auto manufacturer may outsource servicing; and an IT company may outsource its janitorial services. Outsourcing is really about letting experts do what they do best, leaving the business to focus on its core strengths. This means that paint companies, mobile companies, hotels, auto manufacturers and others would do well to consider outsourcing their peripheral requirements while they focus on their core strategy. The most popular forms of outsourcing are information technology outsourcing (ITO) and business process outsourcing (BPO).

The Next Generation Shared Services through BPO
Depending on timelines, costs or politics, many first-generation SSO initiatives started out with a goal of centralizing business processes to meet short-term budgetary goals primarily through FTE reductions. With today’s business environment, executives are now aligning their shared services goals with overall long-term corporate goals, and the SSO’s vision is expanding to a broader strategic role in sourcing.

Optimized Business Processes Start with Business Operations Expertise
Long gone are the days when labor arbitrage was the sole outsourcing driver and “outsource your mess for less” was the primary model. Today’s leading companies are seeking lower costs, reduced business risk, enhanced customer service and improved business intelligence from their outsourcing engagements.

Measuring Effectiveness: how to measure long-term value in outsourcing
Our Top Ten series returns with some handy hints on how to measure – and drive – long-term value in outsourcing… In the words of Albert Einstein: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Einstein may have been thinking about the universe, not business performance, but this statement can ring surprisingly true when it comes to outsourcing. To measure the effectiveness of an outsourcing arrangement, we must understand what is being sought from the deal. Capturing and measuring the benefits – tangible and intangible – can seem daunting. But only by establishing a credible baseline can the arrangement consequently be judged.